Budgeting and Purchase Requisition (PR) System

Most established procurement departments will have a pipeline of projects they’re looking at for the year. Taking some time to talk budget with all stakeholders allows you to account for all opportunities to save money. Budgets are crucial to ensure transparency across departments, allowing Finance to better identify savings for the company.

Ultimately, the planning and implementation process requires a full effort from all parties. Agreeing on a budget, setting it in place, then making sure you meet those goals. In this day and age, technology is going to be your best bet in getting everyone to sync up.

As a business grows, the role of budget planning expands, too. There are more people in the mix, more departments, and higher costs. The whole goal of budget planning is to be prepared to handle all operating costs, while keeping the bottom line in good health.

Budgeting System +

  • Fund Management
  • Account Code Management
  • Cost Centre Management
  • Mechanisms to track budgeting according to specified perimeters
  • Budget Proposal Submission that comes with customizable approval workflows
  • Real-time monitoring of budget values and approval status

Purchase Requisition (PR) System +

  • Purchase Requisition (PR) submission that comes with customizable approval workflows such as Requestor, Budget Owner, Finance Verifier, Procurement Buyer, Approval Officers
  • Real-time monitoring of Purchase Requisition (PR) values and approval status
  • Covering feature so that should users be unavailable during certain periods, they are able to allocate substitutes

Payment Request Module +

  • Payment Request submission that comes with customizable approval workflows
  • Allows for tracking of goods status by Receiving Officer
  • Allows for tracking of spending for each Vendor
  • Vendor Management

Integration to SAP or Account Systems +

  • Real-time or batch integration to SAP and Accounting Systems

+ Reports +

  • Reports are complimentary and customizable upon request

Settings +

  • User Management
  • Email Templates and Reminders Management
  • Audit Logs such as System Logs, Email Logs, Login Logs, SAP import/export Logs