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Conduct and Discipline Management

Ncode’s Conduct and Discipline Management System is widely used by primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges (JCs) in Singapore. Schools may customize a list of offenses and allocate them to students who have committed these offenses. The offenses can be tracked based on a demerit point or pink slip system.

The Conduct and Discipline Management System comes with the following features:


  • Leaving school grounds without permission
  • Truancy from any school activity/event
  • Poor attendance in CCA
  • Wilful absenteeism (reflects poor attitude or defiance)
  • Late-coming (for school)
  • Late-coming (for lesson)
  • Eating in class / outside the canteen

Inappropriate Behaviour

  • Late / no submission of homework
  • Failure to correct actions after repeated reminders
  • Use of mobile phones during curriculum
  • Wearing wrong nametag
  • Cheating or copying in assessments / tests / exams
  • Plagiarism
  • Forgery
  • Amending test marks / answers after returning of paper
  • Open defiance and / or rudeness


  • Bullying / Cyber-bullying
  • Cyber-baiting
  • Disruptive behaviour
  • Abuse of technology
  • Defamatory Blog / Facebook etc


Customization of Conduct List +

  • Create various offense categories, such as attendance related, inappropriate behaviour, theft / damage, etc
  • Create various offense types within each of the categories, such as late coming, absent without reason, truancy, etc
  • Allocate demerit points for each offense type
  • Classify each offense type as major or minor offense

Reports +

  • Search each student’s conduct record and demerit point / pink slip records
  • Search for repeat offendors
  • Summary reports for the school are customizable

Schools Served to Date +

Conduct and Discipline Management
ACS Barker Road
Conduct and Discipline Management
Bukit View Secondary School
Conduct and Discipline Management
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Secondary School
Conduct and Discipline Management
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Primary School
Conduct and Discipline Management
Methodist Girls' School

This module is one of the modules in the NTRIX School Management System.