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Service Request System

Ncode’s Service Request System allows users to submit service requests within the school. Such as equipment/IT requirements, table arrangements, or any arrangements that staff may need for a certain lesson or event.

This simple 4-step system puts users through the following:

  • Select which Equipments are required
  • Select which Facility the equipments are required in
  • Write a description to explain the service required as clearly as possible

Select where this request should be sent to, eg Operations, or AV, etc

This module is closely linked to NCODE’s Facility Booking System.

A control panel is provided for the school to configure the available equipment and services.

Service Request System

Schools Served to Date +

Service Request System
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Secondary School

Service Request System
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Primary School

This module is one of the modules in the NTRIX School Management System.