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SMS Blast System

Ncode’s SMS Blast system allows you to bulk send SMSes to staff, students and parents. Its “Target Audience” feature allows you to customize various Categories for your target audience. Some examples of Categories are:

  • Non-teaching Staff
  • Heads of Dept
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Desciplinary Admin (Exco)
  • Parents

Such Categories can further be customized into sub-categories. See the accompanying screenshot for an example:

SMS Blast System

A control panel is available to customize every category, sub category, as well as which users will be in each sub-category.

The SMS Blast Module also comes with logs and reports for record purposes.

Schools Served to Date +

SMS Blast System
ACS Barker Road
SMS Blast System
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Secondary School
SMS Blast System
CHIJ St Nicholas Girls' Primary School

This module is one of the modules in the NTRIX School Management System.