Ncode Consultant Corp 2.0

Staff Suggestion System

Ncode Consultant’s Staff Suggestion System helps organisations to

  • Encourage Staff Suggestions
  • Cultivate Sharing and Collaboration
  • Recognize Innovative Ideas and Contributions
  • Do Away with Traditional Suggestion Boxes

Some features of the system worth mentioning are

  • Evaluator role for staff to evaluate suggestions that have been submitted.
  • Co-Evaluator role for Evaluators to ask staff for feedback and inputs.
  • Normal staff roles for staff to submit their suggestions.
  • Assigning of staff to implement suggestions if approved.
  • Assigning of project teams with project leaders to implement suggestions if approved, with project tracking included.
  • Allows the allocating of points and monetary rewards to staff who submit good suggestions.
  • System Administrator role to setup and manage the whole system independently.

Organisations Served to Date +

Staff Suggestion System - Ministry of Law


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