Cloud-Based HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

Increase HR operation efficiency and gain analytical data and insights for better employee management and company growth.
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Company overview

Marine / Maritime Company

The company specializes in a wide range of services, including marine engineering, ship management, HVAC solutions, subsea operations, and marine supplies. With a strong focus on providing comprehensive maritime solutions, this company serves the global shipping industry, offering expertise in maintenance, repairs, logistics, and supply chain management. Emphasizing innovation, quality service, and environmental sustainability, it aims to enhance operational efficiency and safety across the maritime sector, supporting the world’s shipping and offshore activities.

Project Overview

The project involves implementing the HRMS for a client, focusing on transitioning to a comprehensive, cloud-based HR system. It will streamline HR operations across payroll, attendance, leave, and more, enhancing efficiency and employee engagement. Key steps include setting up the system, data migration, training staff, and ensuring seamless integration with existing processes. The goal is to provide a robust, user-friendly platform that supports the client’s HR management and growth objectives.


The objectives for a company aiming to adopt the HRMS system would include enhancing HR operational efficiency, improving employee data management and self-service capabilities, streamlining payroll, leave, attendance, and claims processes, and leveraging HR analytics for strategic decision-making. Additionally, they aim to foster a more engaged and productive workforce by enabling easy access to HR services and promoting transparency and communication through a centralized platform.


A company looking to adopt the HRMS solution likely seeks to modernize and streamline its HR processes. They may face challenges such as managing diverse HR tasks manually, needing to improve operational efficiency, or wanting to enhance employee engagement and data management. Adopting this cloud-based HRMS could be driven by the need for an integrated system that supports payroll, attendance, leave, claims, and more, aiming to simplify operations, ensure compliance, and foster a productive workplace environment.

Business Opportunity

Adopting the HRMS solution presents both challenges and opportunities. Challenges might include the initial setup and training required to familiarize staff with the new system, ensuring data migration is smooth and secure, and adapting business processes to leverage the software fully. Opportunities include streamlining HR operations through automation, enhancing data accuracy and accessibility, improving employee self-service and engagement, and gaining insights from HR analytics to inform strategic decisions. This move can significantly boost operational efficiency and support business growth.


The HRMS offers an all-encompassing cloud-based solution tailored for business efficiency. It features mobile attendance with GPS, face recognition, payroll integration, project costing, and customizable leave and claim templates. With its robust staff management, onboarding, assets tracking, and appraisal modules, it ensures streamlined operations and enhanced employee relations. Designed for flexibility, it simplifies HR tasks, enabling businesses to focus on growth while fostering a supportive work environment.

Key features and functionalities

The HRMS software is designed with a range of features to enhance HR operations, including:
  • Mobile attendance with GPS and face recognition
  • Time attendance software for managing shifts and schedules
  • Payroll software integrating with CPF Board, Bank GIRO, and IRAS
  • Project costing for tracking time and costs per project
  • Leave management with live notifications
  • Claim management with customizable templates
  • Appraisal system with customizable templates
  • Comprehensive staff management and onboarding/offboarding processes
  • Assets, loans, and insurance tracking
  • Career progression and performance tracking
  • Communication tools for announcements and feedback
  • Grievance handling mechanism
These features are designed to streamline HR processes, ensuring smooth operations and fostering strong employee relations.

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Attendance system of HRMS

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Payroll system of HRMS

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Leave system of HRMS

Digital transformation case study of Claim system image of HRMS by NCODE Consultant, Singapore's top software / IT consultancy

Claim system of HRMS

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