Customer Due Diligence (KYC) System

Overcome operational gaps including contact management, storage management, E-signature integration, and CDD scheduler

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Company overview

Corporate Secretarial and Loans firm

The Company is a comprehensive boutique business advisory firm that offers a tailored suite of services to support all stages of a business’s life cycle. From company formation and corporate loans to general insurance and mergers and acquisitions, The Company positions itself as a personalized fixer for both local and cross-border companies. With practical solutions designed to solve real-world problems and an empathetic approach to financing that cares for your business, The Company presents itself as a one-stop resource for businesses seeking to grow, manage risk, and thrive.

Project Overview

The Company, a Registered Filing Agent (RFA) in Singapore, specializes in providing corporate secretary services and is bound by stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations. While the Company has employed third-party services for certain customer due diligence (CDD) procedures, there are significant gaps in compliance, including safe record-keeping, multiple types of registrations, periodic customer scans based on risk profiles, and updating risk assessments for service requests. Additionally, the reliance on hardcopy or scanned signatures contributes to poor productivity within the RFA sector. Addressing these challenges will be vital for The Company’s growth plan and digital transformation.


The Company is embarking on an ambitious 3-5 year growth plan, aiming to boost sales and profits through a comprehensive digital transformation. By creating a fully automated portal for business solutions, The Company will extend its reach beyond the local market, attracting foreign businesses with a streamlined, comprehensive suite of services. This strategic move positions The Company to be a global player in the industry.

Business Opportunity

The Company has identified four major operational gaps that are impacting their business:

Inefficient Customer Oversight: Difficulty in viewing all customers, their registration details, and CDD outcomes.

Document Retrieval Issues: Challenges in easily and safely storing and retrieving official customer documents.

Time-Consuming Signature Process: Relying on hardcopy signatures and scanning of signed copies slows down operations.

CDD Scanning Management: Difficulty in managing the periodic scanning of customer due diligence as required by authorities.

These challenges are not merely obstacles but represent significant opportunities for The Company. By addressing these issues, The Company can achieve both productivity and profitability gains, further enhancing their digital transformation and positioning for global expansion.


The Company’s strategy to overcome the identified operational gaps includes the implementation of four critical modules that enhance the effectiveness of their customer due diligence (CDD) and overall efficiency:

Module A: Master Profile

To manage incoming contacts through standardized risk assessment, key functions include:

  • Creating and updating Entity and Individual Profiles.
  • Linking relationships among entities and individuals.
  • Tracking risk assessment outcomes and past service requests.

Module B: Storage Management

To securely manage the documents collected during CDD and other corporate service requests, key functions include:

  • Encrypting documents at rest.
  • Implementing access control and comprehensive auditing.
  • Including version control for specific document types.

Module C: E-Signature Integration

To streamline the signing process of forms required by various stakeholders. key functions include:

  • Integrating with an e-signature platform of The Company’s choice.
  • Automating the sending, retrieval, and pre-filling of signed documents.

Module D: CDD Scheduler

To automate the scheduling of CDDs based on risk assessment outcomes, along with management of various deadlines, key functions include:

  • Creating dashboards to display upcoming CDDs, their outcomes, and statuses.
  • Automating reminders to customers and staff.
  • Incorporating the corporate service renewal process.

These modules signify a robust approach that addresses The Company’s specific challenges, creating opportunities for enhancing productivity and profitability, and aligning with the broader goal of digital transformation. By developing these functionalities, The Company is strategically positioning itself to elevate compliance standards and efficiency, paving the way for an expanded market presence.

Key features and functionalities

The Company’s technological transformation plan is structured around five comprehensive modules, each designed to target specific challenges and optimize various aspects of their operation:

  1. Master Profile
  • Manage Entity and Individual Profiles.
  • Link relationships between entities and individuals.
  • Monitor risk assessment outcomes.
  • Keep records of engagement letters and past service requests.
  1. Storage Management
  • Ensure encryption of all uploaded documents.
  • Implement access control based on configuration.
  • Provide comprehensive auditing to trace unauthorized access.
  • Include version control for selected document types.
  1. E-Signature Integration
  • Integrate with a chosen e-signature platform.
  • Automate document delivery to e-signature platform and retrieval.
  • Prefill fields in 1-2 common forms automatically.
  1. CDD Scheduler
  • Display dashboards for upcoming CDDs and related statistics.
  • Automate reminders to customers and staff.
  • Integrate with the corporate service renewal process.
  1. System Module
  • Manage users and their access rights.
  • Enable users to view audit logs.
  • Allow users to configure system-wide parameters.

These modules collectively represent a strategic response to the previously identified operational gaps. By implementing these enhancements, The Company is setting the stage for increased efficiency, compliance, and adaptability, essential for its growth and digital transformation ambitions.

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