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As a leading education technology provider in Singapore since 2005, NCODE Consultant is the preferred software development and IT consultancy for leading modern schools. Our NTRIX School Management System offers one comprehensive solution for all your needs. We’ve turned the processes of over 90 schools into their competitive edge.

Our experts will work closely with you to understand your school challenges and build a solution that fits your specific needs.

Some school clients we have worked with

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Leading education institutions including Raffles Institution, Raffles Girl’s School, Methodist Girls School, St. Andrew’s Hall, and School of the Arts (SOTA) have worked with us under 100% local shareholders based in Singapore unlocking their full software potential.

Our Solutions Empowering Schools

Welcome to NCODE Consultant’s NTRIX Management system, our cost-effective and customizable solution for schools with real-time monitoring and management. As a trusted software development and IT consultancy company, we understand that each school has different challenges and needs whether it’s digital transformation, IT management, cybersecurity, data privacy, operations, vendors, budgeting, and more. A single, unified powerful School Management System can be your solution to these challenges under different modules with crucial features and benefits. We offer module customization catered to your specific needs. Our school management system offers efficiency, increased ROI, control, and overall management for educational institutions. Reach out to us for the demo and the consultation.

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Results Management, Analysis and Progress Reports


The Results Management module, as part of NTRIX Student Management System serving prestigious Singaporean schools, including Raffles Institution and Methodist Girls School, was developed to streamline academic performance administration. It offers real-time result publishing, a user-friendly dashboard, secure access, notifications, multi-device compatibility, customizable report cards, and in-depth analysis tools enabling enhanced communication and informed decision-making for teachers and administrators. Key features include real-time results publishing, user-friendly dashboard, secure access, notifications, multi-device compatibility, customizable report cards, marks and remarks entry, results analysis, results configuration, and progress report configuration.

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Travel Declaration


The Travel Declaration module, as part of NTRIX Student Management System serving over 50 Singaporean schools, including prestigious ones like Raffles Institution and Methodist Girls School, was developed to monitor and manage travel-related activities for student and staff safety. This user-friendly system prioritizes data security, real-time updates, automated alerts, and analytics offering improved safety, communication, and data-driven decisions. Key features include user profiles, travel history, future plans, automated alerts, health status updates, integration with health guidelines, reporting, and data security.

Case study graphic prison care management system for non-profit organization by Ncode Consultant, Singapore's top software / IT consultancy

Incident Reporting


The Incident Reporting module, as part of NTRIX Student Management System, serving prestigious Singaporean schools, was developed to centralize and enhance incident management. It facilitates timely responses, trend analysis, and transparency within the school community improving incident documentation, trend identification, and communication, reinforcing the school’s safety commitment. Key functions encompass sickbay and critical incident forms, draft management, submitted forms, archives, and statistical reports for sickbay visits.

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Facilities Booking System


The NTRIX Student Management System introduces a Facilities Booking System for renowned Singaporean schools like Raffles Institution. The system aims to streamline operations by providing real-time visibility and user-friendly booking interfaces. It optimizes resource allocation, offers advanced reporting for informed decisions, and adapts to evolving needs enhancing operational efficiency and resource management. Key features encompass facility selection, date/week selection, schedule display, booking processes, period configuration, reports, facility management, and administrative controls.

Case study graphic prison care management system for non-profit organization by Ncode Consultant, Singapore's top software / IT consultancy

Conduct Management


The Conduct Management module, as part of NTRIX Student Management System serving prestigious Singaporean schools, including Raffles Institution, was developed to centralize and streamline student behavior monitoring and management. The digital platform ensures consistency, transparency, and data-driven insights into student conduct. It emphasizes fairness, proactive measures, and personalized interventions, fostering a harmonious learning environment enabling efficient behavior tracking and informed disciplinary actions. Key features encompass conduct action input, offense management, student conduct overview, student record search, identifying repeat offenders, and conduct summaries for comprehensive documentation.

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Parent Teacher Meeting Scheduling


The introduction of a Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) system streamlines the scheduling and management of appointments, reducing administrative burdens. It offers analytics for insights into parent engagement and participation trends which helps improved communication and strategic planning for future engagements. Key features encompass user accounts, scheduling and calendar integration, a dashboard for teachers and parents, an administrative panel for monitoring and analytics, mobile app integration, and data security measures.

Case study graphic prison care management system for non-profit organization by Ncode Consultant, Singapore's top software / IT consultancy

Y3IP Application Portal


The Y3IP Application Portal aims to streamline the student application process by offering a user-friendly student interface for application submission and a robust administrative dashboard. The portal provides numerous benefits, including a more efficient and standardized application process, improved data management, and a more holistic applicant evaluation ultimately enhancing efficiency, user experience, and future scalability. Key features include an intuitive application portal with auto-fill, a personal portfolio section for students, and advanced data management tools for administrators. This portal holds the potential to significantly improve the school’s application and administrative processes.

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Boarder Management System

Boarding Houses

Implementing a Boarder Management System (BMS) aims to enhance efficiency, security, and transparency in boarding operations where student movements are closely monitored and that only authorized exits and entries occur. A BMS streamline operations, enhance security, and provide insights for the boarding trends, aiding in proactive decision-making and continuous improvement, positioning the school at the forefront of technological adaptation. Key features encompass student profiles, room allocation, check-in/check-out tracking, leave requests, visitor management, health and safety protocols, attendance tracking, communication modules, reporting, access control integration, discipline management, mobile app integration, user management, and integration with other school systems.

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Budget Procurement Purchase System (B2P)


To improve the procurement and budget management, the Budget-Procurement-Purchase (B2P) system streamliness purchase requests, approvals, and budget tracking of the school. It also integrates with SAP and offers benefits such as reduced approval follow-ups, real-time budget utilization tracking, and user-friendly interfaces which aligns with government procurement policies and helps transitioning from manual Excel-based processes. The system includes various modules for budgeting, procurement, contracts, payments, and user management, offering scalability for future enhancements.

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Full Range of Other Software Solutions

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We have helped 300+ SMEs, corporations, esteemed government and government-linked bodies find IT success in Singapore since 1994. 

Learning Management System / Training Management System

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Learning Management System (LMS)


The LOTUS LMS Solution is a state-of-the-art learning management system that seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Meet to facilitate virtual classes. It supports a wide variety of content types, enabling self-paced and instructor-led learning across multiple devices. With advanced features such as tests and examinations equipped with anti-cheating mechanisms, personalized learning experiences, and comprehensive learning management capabilities, LOTUS LMS ensures an engaging and effective learning environment. Enhanced security measures protect content integrity. solution for student learning needs.

Digital transformation case study and software solution graphic for training management system for corporations in the energy sector by Ncode Consultant, Singapore's top software / IT consultancy

Training Management System (TMS)


The LOTUS TMS Solution stands out as an exceptional training management system, effortlessly merging with widely-used video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Meet to streamline virtual classroom experiences. Offering diverse content formats, it caters to both self-directed and guided learning on various gadgets. Boasting advanced functionalities like secure tests, tailored learning paths, and thorough training administration tools, LOTUS TMS guarantees dynamic and fruitful learning settings. Rigorous security measures safeguard the integrity of materials, making it an ideal choice for corporate training needs.

Other School Software Services Not Listed Here?

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Are you looking for a particular system? Your school deserves school-centric and cost-effective unique solutions. The solutions listed above are only some of our projects. We specialize in full service custom software development that covers a wider range. We continually push the envelope of tech possibilities with innovative solutions. Each school is unique and deserves personalized attention. We encourage you to reach out and share more about your business and challenges with us.

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Are you looking for software developers and IT consultancy in Singapore to make the most of your School Management System? We are dedicated to supporting schools, their staff, students, and parents in adopting and maximizing the benefits of SMS, which is why we offer a full range of services to reach your school’s goals. NCODE Consultant is one of the trusted web development and app development companies for SMEs, corporations, and government projects for over 3 decades.

As one of the top software development companies in Singapore, our expertise extends to delivering innovative and powerful solutions ranging from IT consultancy, project management, cloud systems, to software design, support, maintenance, and development projects tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. We take pride in being one of the leading custom software development companies, specializing in transforming business processes and ideas into robust, scalable, secure and efficient digital products. Our dedicated team of top software developers excel in mobile app development, application development, and web development, offering a comprehensive suite of custom software solutions. From conceptualization to execution, we prioritize excellence in UI design and seamlessly integrate big data capabilities into our development services. As a trusted partner and software development company, we are committed to providing top-notch software development services, ensuring that our clients stay at the forefront of digital innovation. Speak to our software experts or call us at (+65) 6282 6578 on how we can develop solutions with your specific needs in mind. Get in touch with us also on Whatsapp.

Our Proven Approach and Methodology

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Integrating new technology into your existing systems might sound daunting, but that’s where our expertise shines. At NCODE, our process has been refined to enhance efficiency, quality, and client satisfaction. Each of these steps is interconnected, and the success of one phase contributes to the effectiveness of the next. Effective communication, collaboration, and expertise at each stage ensures that the final software solution not only meets but often exceeds the clients’ expectations, delivering enduring value tailored to businesses like yours over the long term. We’ll ensure a seamless transition, making sure the solutions work harmoniously and optimize your current workflows.

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Here are some of the top reasons schools choose NCODE Consultant in Singapore.

Trusted Software Partner for Schools

NCODE Consultant has been a trusted software development partner and IT consultancy for schools since 2005. We’ve helped schools gain control, reduce spend, and optimize efficiency. 

Custom School-Centric Software Solutions

We specialize in features tailored to your school needs as we understand the ins and outs of schools. Our clients have access to all processes and features in one end-to-end solution or particular modules.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We offer comfortable and cost-effective IT options to start your digital transformation journey as we collaborate with clients. Each is suitable for your particular budget. 

Dedicated Team

Our ethos of sincerity and loyalty enables customers to work with our dedicated team fully for their projects. We are ready to serve our customers with our qualified software specialists. 

Christina Lee

Christina Lee


We have engaged NCODE Consultant at the end 2022 for a new system implementation in 2023. Project manager – Calvin Tan and his team (Tze Yung, Guo Wei and Darren) are patient and able to accommodate most of our requests. They have taken proactive involvements during the implementation stage with on-site trainings and provide solutions to our issues.

Certifications & Awards

NCODE Consultant values excellence. Our team consists of experienced software engineers with many certifications. We are also a proud recipient of the SME 500 Singapore Awards in 2021 - 2022, 2022 - 2023, and the SME 500 Singapore Award Winner in 2024. 

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