Travel Visa Application System

Bolster company operations with a CMS Website, Travel, Hotel, Flight Packages Posting, and Travel Visa Application under a unified system

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Company overview

Travel Agency

The Company is a homegrown travel agent founded in 1988. The core business is mainly providing inbound and outbound travel services to corporate and consumers. Below are the key travel services currently provided by the company:

  • Business Travel Management
  • Meeting Incentive Conference Exhibition
  • Travel Visa Application 
  • Student Education Programme
  • Leisure Travel
  • Travel Vouchers

Since The Company is expanding and to cope with the increasing volume of customers, The Company is looking to embark and make use of IT software to manage and improve the company operation in order to better serve its existing customers and to generate new revenue.


To revamp the “Travelinc” CMS website and the development of an integrated Visa application system. These initiatives are designed to:

  • Empower The Company staff to efficiently manage website content using Kentico CMS, enabling the creation of unlimited web pages and content to attract more site visits and increase site exposure.
  • The Company will be able to create unlimited web pages and contents which enable attraction of site visits from their customers and generate site exposure and hits.
  • Implement an integrated Visa application system, enabling customers to apply for travel visas hassle-free.
  • An integrated Visa application system will also be developed to allow The Company customer to apply travel visa online in a more hassle free approach.
  • This new system which also let the staffs to effectively process   the customers travel visa application to eliminate human process error. In overall this reduces the processing time and increases productivity.
  • Customer’s satisfaction and relationship will be improved with the mitigation application process error and shorter processing turn-around time.
  • With the new visa application adoption, The Company will be able to process more applications.

Business Opportunity

The Company comprises numerous members, with the majority of Singapore’s travel agencies registered as The Company members. This extensive membership base has presented The Company with various requirements and modules requested by its members. As a result, The Company has taken the opportunity to enhance its portal in several stages, enabling the association to provide extended planning and value-added services to its members.


The benefits of solution include the following: 

CMS Website: replace the existing website with a user-friendly and secure Kentico CMS-based site with a customized look and feel, providing a better user experience and security

Travel, Hotel, Flight Packages Posting: Able to create and display Travel packages, Hotel and Flights with integration with 3rd party system.

Travel Visa Application: A new module allowing consumers to check visa requirements and apply online by submitting required documents. Different templates will be available for various countries’ visa application requirements. Our backend administration will streamline the visa application process using advanced passport readers and barcode tracking, significantly improving productivity and efficiency.

Key features and functionalities

  • Visa application requirements display for different countries
  • Module for system user to create template for different country visa application
  • Report to list all expiring visa 
  • Visa renewal notification to be send to customers
  • Statistics report
  • Passport Reader
  • Barcode tracking
  • User Management
  • System User account management
  • Corporate customer account management

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