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Digitize corporate clients segment operations  with corporate E-commerce system, middleware system, and order delivery tracking system enhancing overall efficiency. 

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Company overview

Corporate Clients Segment / Corporate Retailer

Established in the 1980s, the Company has grown into a prominent name in Singapore retailing to Corporate business customers. The Company offers a vast array of more than 1000 products to its Corporate Clients Segment, managing 100 to 200 daily deliveries. It serves an expansive corporate client base, which includes government bodies, hospitals, and airlines in Singapore.

Project Overview

A significant portion, at least 30% of The Company’s revenue, comes from large corporations like petroleum companies and airlines and government entities like hospitals and ministries. These clients typically place volume orders through Excel and expect monthly invoicing, making them distinct from consumer-oriented operations. Handling 100-200 daily deliveries, The Company faces challenges in tracking and managing deliveries, particularly as the goods are not tagged. This lack of systematization has resulted in difficulties in responding to delivery inquiries and monitoring performance. The Company is feeling the competitive pressure from rivals who have adopted digital strategies, including back office system integration and enhanced customer interfaces for tracking and reordering. In summary, The Company’s current structure, while functional, highlights areas for potential growth and improvement, particularly in the Corporate Clients Segment, delivery tracking, and digital integration. The existing challenges also present a window of opportunity to innovate and maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market, especially given the rise of digital competitors.


The Company’s objective is to increase sales and profitability significantly by undertaking a full digital transformation of its Corporate Clients Segment (CCS) business operations. This is to prepare the workforce and operation to grow smoothly by having hybrid (cloud + on premise) IT systems designed to scale easily. This will encourage staff to work-from-home and reduce our dependencies for daily work. This application will focus on CCS market – as this is an area is underserved in our industry; and we see a great potential for growth.

Business Opportunity

The Company’s current system is struggling to meet the unique demands of their Corporate Clients Segment, as the existing B2C portal is not tailored to accommodate this segment. This has resulted in a cumbersome and inefficient process where this segment’s orders are mainly received through emails and phone calls and must be manually entered into the ERP system. The three major gaps identified in Joaquim’s CCS operation are: Efficiency in Trading: The existing system does not allow corporates to trade with the Company efficiently, leading to manual processing. Reporting and Invoicing Frustration: Corporations frequently request monthly transactions and invoices, which demands significant resources, causing frustration. Delivery Tracking Inefficiency: Both corporate clients and staff are unable to track delivery status, further complicating the process. These challenges, though substantial, represent substantial opportunities for The Company. By addressing these areas, they can achieve significant productivity and profitability gains. The full digital transformation they are planning to undertake appears vital to resolving these issues, creating a more streamlined, responsive, and efficient process that can cater to the specific needs of their CCS clients, thus securing the Company’s position as a leader in the industry.


The Company is taking a transformative step to digitize its CCS operations. This system aims to close the three major gaps identified in their current operations, enhancing efficiency, reducing frustration, and enabling better delivery tracking. The solution comprises three Sub-Systems: Corporate E-commerce System: Tailored for corporate clients, this system offers a level of customization and features not commonly available in B2C e-Commerce portals. Organizations can designate authorized staff to act on their behalf and tailor their interactions with The Company to include special pricing, approval processes, security features, invoicing methods, and personalized card printing with corporate logos. This innovative approach positions The Company to explore significant untapped potential in the CCS market. Middleware System: Acting as a bridge, the Middleware System will facilitate real-time communication between the new cloud-based Corporate E-commerce System and The Company’s existing on-premise systems like its ERP system. This component consists of specially designed APIs that will allow various systems to interact seamlessly with the new Corporate E-Commerce portal. Order Delivery Tracking System: Leveraging the support of the Middleware System, this component enables remote staff to utilize a mobile app for daily operations. Delivery orders, signatures, and even photos can be managed through the app, enhancing tracking and accuracy. Products will be tagged with QR or barcodes to improve user experience and minimize errors, and a new Android application will be developed for in-house drivers, with support for third-party outsourced drivers during peak periods. In summary, the this Solution represents a groundbreaking initiative for The Company. By addressing the critical challenges in their existing CCS operations, these three innovative sub-systems will streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and provide The Company with significant competitive advantages in a market ready for exploration. From design to deployment, this Solution embodies a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to leveraging technology for growth, positioning the Company as an industry pioneer.

Key features and functionalities

The Solution involves a comprehensive set of modules to facilitate The Company’s new corporate e-commerce system, middleware system, and order delivery tracking system. Here’s an overview of the key modules and their main functions: Site Branding Module:
  • HTML-based content creation for essential pages.
  • Visual design to unify site branding.
  • Content optimization for search engines.
On-boarding Module:
  • Control credit as all purchases are invoiced post-delivery.
  • Approval of corporate admins.
  • Generation of login accounts.
  • Incorporation of corporate logos.
  • Price disclosure options.
  • Personalized order approval flow.
Customer Module:
  • Personalized dashboard and login.
  • User management.
  • Ability to set company policies.
  • Point redemption features.
  • Credit history tracking.
Product Module:
  • Category creation and management.
  • Detailed product management, including pricing and images.
  • Various delivery options.
Order Module:
  • Order creation, modification, and cancellation.
  • Status tracking for delivery orders.
  • Order history review.
  • Mass ordering via Excel import.
  • Repeat ordering from order history.
  • Online payment options.
Financial Module:
  • Monthly invoice receipt.
  • Account statement viewing.
  • Transaction exporting.
  • Payment status viewing.
  • Online payment facilities.
Admin Module:
  • Operational and managerial reporting.
  • Corporate account management.
  • Email and audit logs.
  • System configuration options.
In summary, these seven modules lay the foundation for a robust and user-friendly digital transformation of The Company’s CCS operations. By implementing these features, The Company will offer its corporate clients a seamless, personalized, and efficient experience, positioning itself strongly in the CCS market. The flexibility and thoughtfulness embedded in these modules reflect a strategic alignment with the unique needs of the Corporate Clients Segment, promising enhanced efficiency and satisfaction.

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