ERP System for Manufacturing Companies

Transforming the manufacturing business end-to-end with the unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and growth that scales with business and positions the company as the leader in the industry’s competitive landscape
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Company overview

Canvas Manufacturing Company

Founded in the vibrant city of Singapore in the 1960s, our client has established itself as a stalwart in the canvas business, with a rich history of providing high-quality canvas solutions. With a steadfast commitment to improving business operations through continuous change and adaptation to the external environment, they have demonstrated unwavering dedication to serving their customers’ unique needs. Specializing in solving problems through innovative canvas applications, our client offers an extensive range of customisation services tailored for a diverse clientele, from businesses to homeowners.

Their product portfolio encompasses heavy-duty canvas covers designed to protect equipment such as vehicles and marine apparatus, light-duty canvas suitable for construction sites and scaffoldings, and fire safety canvas for fire extinguisher and hose reel covers. However, their offerings are not confined to protective purposes alone. Canvas, in their perspective, is also a medium for art. Boasting an in-house design team skilled in crafting and printing bespoke designs, our client actively bridges the gap between functionality and aesthetics. Their commitment to art is further evidenced by their participation as an active supplier in the Art Façade Festival in 2015 and 2016, showcasing their versatility and creativity in canvas applications. This unique blend of practical solutions and artistic expression positions our client as a leader in the canvas industry, dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Project Overview

Our company successfully embarked on a transformative project, implementing our advanced M18 ERP system for our esteemed client, revolutionizing their manufacturing operations. This project encompassed the seamless integration of key business processes, including finance, sales, purchase, inventory, and production, into a unified platform that delivered unprecedented efficiency and real-time operational insight. Our objective was to enable a fluid, error-free data flow across the entire value chain, from sales quotations to final delivery and invoicing, facilitated by our ERP system’s sophisticated features such as AI-powered Material Requirement Planning (MRP), Bill of Materials (BOM) optimization, and N-to-N BOM optimization. The project also introduced cutting-edge technologies like custom Kanban boards for effective workflow management and barcoding for precise material and finished goods handling, aiming to eliminate errors and enhance productivity. Through this comprehensive ERP system implementation, we were committed to not only meet the current needs of our client but also equip them with a scalable solution that can grow with their business, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the manufacturing industry’s competitive landscape. This project represented a significant step forward in our client’s journey towards operational excellence and sustained growth.


A manufacturing company seeking to adopt our ERP system is primarily motivated by the objective to achieve a holistic integration of its core business processes. This integration aims to streamline operations across finance, sales, purchase, inventory, and production, ensuring that data flows seamlessly from one stage to the next—right from sales quotation to delivery and invoicing. The company’s objectives extend to enhancing operational efficiency, reducing manual errors, and improving decision-making through real-time data analytics and reporting capabilities. Additionally, there is a strong focus on optimizing inventory management, enhancing traceability with lot/serial number control, and improving production planning with AI-driven Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and Bill of Materials (BOM) optimization. The company also aims to adopt cutting-edge technologies, such as custom Kanban boards for workflow visualization and barcoding for accurate material handling, to further refine process efficiency and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, the adoption of the ERP system is envisioned to not only address the immediate operational challenges but also to support scalable growth, adapt to market changes, and maintain a competitive edge in the industry.


In the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry, companies are continually seeking ways to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness. This pursuit often leads them to consider adopting advanced ERP systems that promise not only to streamline their operations but also to provide strategic insights for growth. The decision to adopt an ERP system is driven by the need to integrate disparate business functions—ranging from finance and sales to inventory and production—into a single, cohesive platform. This integration enables data to flow seamlessly across departments, fostering better decision-making, reducing manual errors, and enhancing productivity. Additionally, the pressures of global competition, the demand for faster turnaround times, and the necessity to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements further compel manufacturing companies to seek solutions that can not only optimize their current operations but also scale and adapt as their business evolves. The adoption of an ERP system represents a significant strategic move for a manufacturing company, aimed at positioning itself for sustainable growth and success in a challenging business environment.

Business Opportunity

Adopting our ERP system, a manufacturing company embarks on a journey marked by both challenges and significant opportunities. Initially, the integration process may present hurdles such as the need for comprehensive staff training and the initial adjustment period required to acclimate to the new system. These challenges, while temporary, demand dedication and a willingness to adapt to fully harness the power of the ERP system.

On the opportunity front, the adoption of our ERP system opens a plethora of transformative prospects for the manufacturing company. It brings about a unified platform that streamlines processes across Finance, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Production, ensuring seamless data flow and operational efficiency. The custom Kanban system and workflow engine offer unparalleled visibility and control over production statuses, while barcoding for material and finished goods picking significantly minimizes errors, enhancing customer satisfaction and inventory management. Furthermore, the AI-driven features such as BOM, MRP, and N-to-N BOM optimization pave the way for smarter, more cost-effective production planning and execution. In essence, while the path to full ERP system integration may have its challenges, the enduring benefits of operational efficiency, error reduction, and strategic planning capabilities present a compelling case for its adoption, promising a future where the manufacturing company not only thrives but leads in its market.


Our ERP software for manufacturing companies stands as a transformative solution, ingeniously integrating key business functions—Finance, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, and Production—into one cohesive system. It ensures a fluid, seamless data flow that begins with a Sales Quotation and progresses through a meticulously structured pathway: Order → Material Requirements Planning (MRP) → Purchase Requisition → Purchase Order (including Purchase Invoice) → Goods Receipt Note → Material Picking → Job Order → Finished Goods → Production Warehousing → Delivery Note → Sales Invoice. This end-to-end integration facilitates a streamlined, efficient workflow, dramatically reducing manual errors and enhancing operational efficiency.

The introduction of a custom Kanban system, coupled with a powerful workflow engine, revolutionizes status tracking, offering an unprecedented level of transparency and control over each production stage. Moreover, the integration of barcoding technology for material and finished goods picking addresses one of the industry’s most pressing challenges—avoiding the costly mistake of picking and sending wrong items to customers or to production. This feature not only enhances accuracy in order fulfillment and production processes but also significantly improves inventory management and customer satisfaction.

Our ERP solution, powered by AI-driven optimizations including BOM, MRP, and N-to-N BOM optimization, is designed not just to meet the current needs of manufacturing companies but to anticipate future challenges and opportunities. It’s a forward-thinking tool that empowers businesses to not only manage but excel in their operations, ensuring they stay ahead in a competitive landscape. By embracing this comprehensive, integrated approach, manufacturing companies can achieve unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Key features and functionalities

ModulesMain Benefits
Process Monitoring with Custom Business FlowOur ERP software revolutionizes process monitoring by enabling manufacturing companies to tailor their business flow without the need for programming. This feature ensures that businesses can easily adapt the software to their unique operational needs, thereby enhancing productivity and reducing the time typically spent on custom software development.
Unprecedented Customization without CodingThe software offers an unparalleled level of customization, allowing users to create unlimited user-defined input interfaces, tables, tags, and fields without any programming knowledge. This capability is complemented by user-defined fields equipped with real-time refresh logic, ensuring that the data reflects current operations instantly. This degree of customization supports businesses in capturing and analyzing data that is most relevant to their specific processes and goals.
Dynamic Custom Pricing RuleAdaptable to various pricing strategies, our ERP system enables companies to define custom pricing rules that reflect their unique business models and market demands. This flexibility allows for dynamic pricing adjustments that can significantly improve profit margins and competitiveness in the market.
Unlimited Warehouses ManagementEffortlessly manage inventory across an unlimited number of warehouses with our ERP software. This feature provides comprehensive visibility and control over stock levels, movements, and logistics, ensuring optimal inventory management regardless of the scale and complexity of your operations.
Advanced Lot/Serial Number ControlOur system enhances traceability and quality control with sophisticated lot and serial number management. This feature is crucial for ensuring compliance with industry regulations, managing recalls efficiently, and maintaining high standards of product quality.
AI-Powered Bill of Materials (BOM)Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline your BOM management. Our AI-driven approach not only simplifies the creation and maintenance of BOMs but also provides insights for optimizing material use and reducing waste, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.
Material Requirement Planning (MRP) Enhanced by AIOur ERP software enhances traditional MRP systems with AI capabilities, providing more accurate and timely insights into material requirements. By predicting demand and optimizing supply chain operations, companies can minimize stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and improve overall production efficiency.
N-to-N BOM Optimization Utilizing AIThe software introduces a groundbreaking N-to-N BOM optimization feature, powered by AI, to revolutionize how companies plan and execute their manufacturing processes. This functionality enables the optimal allocation of materials and resources across multiple products and variants, ensuring the most efficient use of resources and minimizing production costs.
Additional Key Functions and Features:
  • Real-Time Analytics and Reporting: Gain insights into every aspect of your manufacturing operations with real-time analytics and customizable reports, enabling data-driven decision-making.
  • Supply Chain Management: Comprehensive tools for managing your entire supply chain, from supplier performance to delivery tracking, ensuring timely and cost-effective production.
  • Quality Control Module: Implement rigorous quality control processes at every stage of production to maintain product standards and customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainability Tracking: Monitor and manage your environmental impact with features designed to help achieve sustainability goals, such as waste reduction and energy efficiency.

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