Intelligent Building Management System

Revolutionize automation and facilities management operations under a cloud-based multi-tenanted system with a full spectrum of features and capabilities

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Company overview

Process, Building Automation and Engineering Company

The Company is a pioneering Information Technology & Automation solution provider in the Asia Pacific region, focusing on the Process, Building Automation, and Engineering industry. ISO 9001:2015 certified and a partner to Siemens Pte Ltd, The Company thrives on cost-effectiveness, customer support, and innovative services. With facilities in Singapore capable of handling 100-125 control panels, The Company offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for building panels, program development, and integrated Factory Acceptance Tests. Their specialized services span PLC-based system solutions, state-of-the-art control systems, varied operating systems, programming languages, and network communication. They also leverage PLC/SCADA and Building Automation technologies for diverse hardware and software solutions. Since 2001, The Company’s commitment to excellence has been reflected in over 300 successful projects worldwide, including building automation for Critical infrastructure such as Data Centres, Clean Rooms, and Pharmaceuticals. By employing cutting-edge IBMS to monitor critical assets, The Company ensures seamless control and optimization across their clients’ buildings and infrastructure, reinforcing their position as a trusted leader in the industry.

Project Overview

The Company’s existing Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS), built in 2010, faces the following significant challenges:
  • Misalignment with modern building management processes and workflows, necessitating extensive customization.
  • Vulnerable to security threats due to outdated technology.
  • Operates on an on-premise model, requiring individual deployment and maintenance for each client.
  • Causes redundancy and inefficiency as separate systems must be monitored for each client.
The Company will replace its current IBMS with raa modern, cloud-based, multi-tenanted IBMS.


Recognizing the limitations and security concerns of its decade-old, single-tenanted Intelligent Building Management System (IBMS), The Company is starting its journey of digital transformation to enhance operational efficiency and fuel growth. The current architecture, which necessitates manual, on-premise deployments and creates redundancy, is set to be replaced by a modern, cloud-based, multi-tenanted IBMS. This forward-thinking approach will not only streamline monitoring under a single unified platform but also reduce the need for costly on-site hardware and separate on-premise systems. The Company’s commitment to this digital transformation signals a bold step towards increased sales and profitability, positioning the company at the forefront of technology-enabled environments. By redesigning the IBMS to easily scale, The Company ensures a future-proof pathway for smooth growth and reinforces its standing as an innovative leader in the industry.

Business Opportunity

The very challenges of the current system present an opportunity for The Company. By developing a new, state-of-the-art IBMS that aligns with current building management processes, utilizing the latest technology stacks, and employing a cloud-hosted, multi-tenanted model, The Company can transform its business:
  • Increase productivity by onboarding clients more quickly and efficiently.
  • Enhance profitability through streamlined operations.
  • Gain a comprehensive overview through a unified monitoring platform.
In leveraging these challenges as an opportunity for innovation, The Company is positioning itself to lead in the technological evolution of building management, ensuring a more robust, agile, and efficient future for both the company and its clients.


DDIBM (Digital and Dynamic Intelligent Building Management System) is The Company’s ambitious and innovative endeavor to revolutionize its building automation and facilities management operations. Designed to address existing gaps and propel The Company to the forefront of the industry, the cloud-based multi-tenanted system encompasses a wide range of features and capabilities:
  1. Real-Time Data Acquisition Module: By integrating with existing client facilities and critical assets across diverse protocols like OPC and Modbus, this module allows seamless monitoring from a bird’s eye view. This unification transforms the way The Company oversees clients’ essential assets, streamlining processes and boosting efficiency.
  2. Real-Time Interactive Dashboard with Data Analytics: This comprehensive platform provides immediate insights into building automation and monitoring operations. Historical trends, predictive analysis, and tailored reporting deliver meaningful data to stakeholders, driving intelligent decision-making and strategic planning.
  3. Mobile & Email Notification of Real-Time Alarms, Events & Alerts: Swift reaction to issues is vital. The new IBMS’s mobile app, SMS, and email notifications ensure immediate response to critical events, minimizing impact and enhancing the overall management of building operations.
  4. Incident Management, Asset & Maintenance Management, Workflow Management: This module offers an advanced system for tracking and logging incidents, maintenance statuses, and workflow management according to Service Level Agreements with clients. It provides a systematic approach to handling time-sensitive needs, ensuring precision, transparency, and accountability.
The DDIBM project, covering end-to-end design, implementation, testing, data migration, documentation, training, and deployment, stands as a testament to The Company’s commitment to leading-edge technology and customer-centered solutions. By embracing this transformative approach, The Company sets a new standard in building management, demonstrating its resilience, adaptability, and vision for the future.

Key features and functionalities

The Company’s cutting-edge solution for building automation and facilities management introduces a comprehensive and cohesive set of key features designed to transform the industry. Here’s an overview of these groundbreaking elements:
  1. Edge System: A core component for efficient data processing and management at the edge of the network.
  2. IoT Hub: Facilitating seamless connectivity and communication between various Internet of Things devices, enhancing real-time monitoring and control.
  3. Event Hub: A scalable data streaming platform that ingests and processes massive amounts of fast-streaming data, enabling real-time analytics.
  4. Storage Blob: Handling unstructured data, providing highly scalable and secured storage solutions.
  5. VM as Partitions / Containers: Utilizing virtual machines for segmented computing, allowing for tailored and efficient resource allocation.
  6. Tenant Storage: Ensuring dedicated and secure storage for each tenant, maximizing data integrity and privacy.
  7. Tenant Analysis: A specialized feature for in-depth analysis and insights tailored to individual tenants, empowering better decision-making.
  8. Tenant Visualization: Offering customizable visualization tools for individual tenants, translating complex data into actionable insights.
  9. Ingress API: Providing secure and controlled access to the system, facilitating smooth integration with other platforms and services.
  10. Real-Time Data Acquisition Module: Allowing for seamless integration and monitoring of clients’ critical assets.
  11. Real-Time Interactive Dashboard with Data Analytics: Enabling immediate insights into building automation and operations, augmented with advanced analytics.
  12. Mobile & Email Notification of Real-Time Alarms, Events & Alerts: Ensuring swift response to critical issues via instant notifications.
  13. Incident Management, Asset & Maintenance Management, Workflow Management: Comprehensive management modules to handle incidents, track assets, maintain workflow, and attend to time-sensitive needs.
These features collectively form a robust, flexible, and intelligent system, setting a new industry standard. With a deep understanding of both the technological landscape and its clients’ specific needs, The Company’s solution embodies a visionary approach to building management, marking a significant step forward in efficiency, responsiveness, and innovation.

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