Membership Management and Booking System

Seamless membership and booking management system with a technical blend of membership, travel packages posting, and data analytics

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Company overview

Travel Companies and Associations

The Company is a non-profit trade association that represents the interests of travel agents and tour operators in Singapore. The Company plays a crucial role in the travel and tourism industry within Singapore and serves as a platform for travel professionals to network, share information, and collaborate on industry-related issues.

Project Overview

Membership: The Company aims to create a new centric platform to manage and promotes the members of the Company to consumers with a new online channel and to open a new channel for consumers (Portal Members) to enquire and make travel packages bookings. Travel Packages Management for Members: The Company members are able to create and promote their travel packages and offer to  consumers. Consumers are able to book travel packages directly from this travel portal. This has helped The Company members without its own travel booking website to leverage on the online booking platform to increase their sales revenue.


Membership: The Company has a membership base that includes travel agencies, tour operators, travel-related companies, and individuals involved in the travel industry. Members benefit from various services, including access to industry information, training, and representation in government and industry matters. Events: The Company organizes and hosts various travel-related events and exhibitions. One of its most well-known events is the Company Travel Fair, which is held regularly and offers a platform for travel companies to showcase their products and services to consumers. These fairs often feature special promotions and discounts on travel packages. Advocacy: The association advocates for the interests of its members and the travel industry as a whole. This includes engaging with government authorities and relevant stakeholders to address industry challenges, regulations, and policies that affect the travel trade. Education and Training: The Company provides educational and training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of travel professionals. This helps ensure that members are well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the travel industry. Consumer Protection: The Company plays a role in consumer protection by promoting ethical and fair business practices within the travel industry. It encourages members to adhere to a code of conduct that prioritizes customer satisfaction and transparency. Industry Updates: The Company keeps its members informed about industry trends, market developments, and regulatory changes that may impact their businesses.

Business Opportunity

The Company comprises numerous members, with the majority of Singapore’s travel agencies registered as The Company members. This extensive membership base has presented The Company with various requirements and modules requested by its members. As a result, The Company has taken the opportunity to enhance its portal in several stages, enabling the association to provide extended planning and value-added services to its members.


The benefits of solution include the following:  Membership: The portal serves as a centralized database for both The Company members and consumers when they register as portal members. This database empowers The Company with valuable insights into the travel preferences and requirements of portal members. Travel Packages Posting: The Company members, which include travel agencies, can effortlessly create and showcase their travel packages online. Portal members can then inquire about and book these packages, streamlining the booking process. Data Analytics: The portal includes a dedicated module enabling portal members to submit surveys and feedback after their travel experiences with members of The Company through the Travel Portal. This functionality allows The Company and its members to compile and analyze valuable data and feedback for continuous improvement and enhancement of services.

Key features and functionalities

  1. Customer-Centric Front End
  2. Display of Packages (Based on Key Performance Indicators) 
  3. Customer Preferences Database
  4. Customer-Centric Resource
  5. Content Management System (CMS)
  6. Comprehensive Statistical Report
  7. Banner Management
  8. E-newsletter Engine
  9. Mobile Application for “Packages” Module
  10. Customer Keyword Search Feature
  11. Customer Enquiry System 
  12. Post-trip Satisfaction Survey for Customer

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Travel packages

Digital transformation case study and software solution packages (2) graphic of Membership Management and Booking System for travel companies and industry by Ncode Consultant, Singapore's top software / IT consultancy

Travel packages (2)

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