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Allows government officers make efficient and seamless smaller value purchases (SVPs) directly from your Company
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Company overview

Suppliers to the Government (Small Value Purchases)

The Company’s roots started as a humble general hardware retailer, catering primarily to the needs of local walk-in customers. From modest beginnings, The Company has navigated a trajectory of consistent growth and transformation, evolving into a specialized hardware supplier with a distinct focus on the thriving construction industry. In recent years, The Company has expanded its horizons, undertaking an impressive array of projects that encompass the supply and delivery of a wide range of materials to educational institutions, government departments, and statutory boards. However, The Company’s offering stretches beyond simply providing products. They strive to enrich their customer’s experience by offering an array of value-added services. From fabrication to installation, design to construction, The Company strives to exceed customer expectations by evolving into a comprehensive, all-encompassing solution provider.

Project Overview

If your SME targets government clientele, QuickBuy@SGov is a game-changer that you simply cannot afford to overlook. Embracing this e-commerce platform equipped with QuickBuy@SGov capabilities sets the stage for government officers to execute efficient, seamless, low-value purchases directly from your enterprise. NCODE’s proprietary QuickBuy@SGov e-commerce platform is already smoothly integrated with the QuickBuy@SGov ‘middleware’. This intermediary interface creates a dynamic bridge between the government’s corporate systems and our innovative e-commerce platform. Accelerated Payments: QuickBuy@SGov significantly streamlines the procure-to-pay process by slashing manual tasks such as reconciliation and invoice submissions. This sleek process not only boosts efficiency but it also expedites payment timelines for SMEs, enhancing your cash flow. Digital Transformation for SMEs: The integration of QuickBuy@SGov into your business model offers compelling incentives for SME vendors to migrate their businesses online. By digitalising processes from order placement to invoicing to payment, SMEs can dramatically enhance productivity levels and operating efficiencies. Unlocking New Frontiers: The adoption of our QuickBuy@SGov e-commerce platform is more than just a business enhancement; it’s a passport to untapped opportunities. SMEs armed with this digital platform will be poised to extend their supply services to buyers in international markets, thereby unlocking new horizons of e-commerce potential beyond the borders of Singapore.


With an unwavering commitment to expanding its footprint in the Government Sector, The Company is energetically pursuing a strategy aimed at amplifying sales and turnover. The Company has already built a formidable reputation through its relentless participation in Government project bids and an impeccable record of successful deliveries.  The Company’s growth trajectory is mapped with the intention to leverage the power of its online B2B E-Commerce portal. This will be the launchpad for its foray into new customer segments and potential channels, potentially catapulting its reach beyond the geographical confines of Singapore. This persistent engagement recently culminated in The Company embarking on a project to integrate its B2B E-Commerce Portal with QuickBuy @ SGov, a GOVTECH Middleware PILOT programme that allows government officers make efficient and seamless smaller value purchases (SVPs) directly from the Company. In the digital age, those capable of interfacing with QuickBuy @ SGov will inevitably gain an edge, and this is precisely the Company’s intention. Over the coming years, Government agencies will increasingly procure products via Quickbuy @ SGov, and the Company plans to be right there, ready to meet their needs.


At present, The Company holds a formidable position in the B2C and B2B markets. However, it hasn’t stopped there; it continues to bolster its capabilities as an assertive GEBIZ vendor, backed by a successful track record of bidding for and delivering top-notch services to various government agencies via GEBIZ. This firm footing in the Business-to-Government (B2G) market aligns perfectly with The Company’s key growth blueprint. As part of an ambitious pilot program, Govtech is charting a course to establish QuickBuy @ SGov. This groundbreaking initiative aims to facilitate a more convenient avenue for Government Agencies to acquire products and services from Online Malls/Stores. It is foreseen that QuickBuy @ SGov will soon become a preferred tool for Government Agencies owing to the considerable efficiencies it introduces. The Company is one of the first companies in Singapore to be at the forefront of the QuickBuy @ SGov digital revolution.

Business Opportunity

QuickBuy @ SGov presents The Company with an unprecedented chance to outpace its rivals by securing an early foothold on the QuickBuy @ SGov platform. This strategic move is anticipated to amplify its revenue and sales turnover from government contracts. It’s conceivable that a failure to align its business operations with QuickBuy @ SGov could place The Company at a competitive disadvantage, possibly triggering a revenue decline in the future. Recognizing the gravity of this shift, The Company is firmly committed to embracing business via QuickBuy @ SGov as an essential survival strategy in these turbulent times. The Company is determined to invest in and develop the technology needed for seamless integration to QuickBuy @SGov. However, charting this new Business-to-Government (B2G) course is not without its challenges. The Company is confronted with several obstacles that need to be navigated:
  • Adapting its business processes to align with the manner in which Government Agencies will conduct business using Quickbuy @ SGov.
  • Amplifying its existing B2B E-Commerce Portal with enhanced functionalities that can support and integrate with QuickBuy @ SGov.
  • Engineering a robust IT infrastructure that complies with the stringent security and web service requirements stipulated by QuickBuy @ SGov.

Solution: Streamline a seamless business with Government Agencies with increased efficiency

As QuickBuy@SGov becomes operational, The Company will be strategically placed to conduct seamless business with Government Agencies positioning it at the forefront. This new readiness will empower The Company to adapt to evolving government procurement processes promptly and efficiently, thereby serving government needs with increased efficacy. Empowering Our Staff This venture will provide its team with comprehensive training on the new QuickBuy @ SGov processes and middleware technology, equipping them with the necessary skills to manage similar workflows in the future. The project will also serve as a knowledge base, imparting valuable insights into emerging technologies like API integrations, workflows, and compliance. Expanding Sales Channels The Company stands to penetrate a new sales avenue with minimal cost by capitalizing on existing IT infrastructure and resources. This expansion extends its business footprint beyond the traditional B2C and B2B sectors and forges a new path into the lucrative Business-to-Government (B2G) market.

Key features and functionalities

Summary of Key Features of QuickBuy @ SGov E-Commerce Portal are as follows:
  • Export Product Category 
  • Corporate Billing
  • Order Status from Gov.
  • Send Invoice
  • Payment Received Status
  • Send Refund Receipt
  • Log Report

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