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Singapore has become a centre of technology. It houses the regional headquarters of top companies such as Google, IBM, and Amazon, as well as a plethora of local firms. Technology spending is increasing year over year, and the infrastructure is there for new tech companies, especially in innovative fields such as generative A.I.

Getting funding, however, remains a challenge for any business in any field. Tech financing requires a partner who understands your specific needs so that you can get the funding you need under terms which make sense.

Understanding the Financing Landscape in Singapore

Singapore’s financing landscape contains a variety of options, including both government and private options. Sustainable finance has become a big deal over the last few years, both in terms of financing sustainable solutions and making financing itself more environmentally friendly.

Commercial loans and advances for 2023 totalled $10,699.7 million dollars, which has been mostly static, indicating there is a lot of room for, and need for, growth in tech financing and that you may need to think outside the box and work with a specialist partner to get the funding you need.

NCODE Consultant’s Financial Services

At NCODE Consultant, we go beyond traditional IT consulting by offering specialized financial services tailored for tech companies. As insiders in the tech industry, we recognize that technology firms face unique challenges and opportunities, such as funding for research and development, securing market position, rapid scaling, and technology upgrades. To address these needs, we provide customized financing solutions specifically designed for the tech sector, including:

The Enterprise Financing Scheme

Through this scheme we provide a Working Capital Loan that allows you to finance operational cashflow and then repay it with fixed payments over 1 to 5 years. This is perfect for a new company who needs to put a lot of money into, for example, server infrastructure before they can start making money, or for a company that is growing rapidly. Payments are fixed, so interest rate changes can’t impact your future budget.

Business Term Loan

This is an unsecured loan with fixed monthly repayments, that is designed to finance specific expenditure. For example, you might need thousands of dollars for hiring and onboarding costs for more staff, and a term loan allows you to spread this out over time without having to pledge and risk collateral.

Mortgage Loans

We can help you secure a mortgage for your office building, data centre, or other commercial property, including refinancing. If you need to move to a bigger office as your team increases in size, then we can help you finance a purchase rather than continuing to be bound to a commercial lease.

Letters of Credit/Trust Receipts/Import Financing

Paying your suppliers on time is a huge part of how you stay in business. These types of finance lets you get the goods and then pay later with the sales proceeds, while the supplier gets their money on time, making them willing to keep working with you.

You might use this if you are placing a large order for chips imported from, say, Taiwan, and don’t have the money to pay for them until you sell the end product.

Factoring/Project Financing/Accounts Receivables Purchase

People paying late is, unfortunately, a business cost. When your customers pay late, factoring can unlock up to 90% of your invoices, allowing you to spend the money before you receive it. You do have to have reputable buyers for this, but it can give you immediate cash flow. This can help you if you have a lot of bills, but a lot of the money coming in is on Net 90.

Revolving Credit Line

A revolving credit line helps you if you have an unexpected expense. You can borrow money at any time, pay it back, and then borrow more. You can choose between fixed and non-fixed repayment options.

This is basically something to keep in reserve to help you flexibly manage finances. For example, if you have a bad quarter, you can use your credit line to stay afloat until things improve.

Hire Purchase/Machinery & Equipment Financing

Putting together a new server farm? You can spread out the payments by getting up to 90% of the cost through a hire purchase agreement. Once the equipment is paid off, you can then use it to secure financing for the next round of purchases. This helps you better predict your budget and avoid massive one time payments.

Private Funding

You have a great idea for a company, but don’t have the funds to get it off the ground. Independent “angel” investors and private equity can help get you out of this situation by providing flexible and fast short-term funding, typically for three to twelve months with monthly interest and a bullet payment.

Secure the Right Funding for Your Tech Company in Singapore with NCODE Consultants

Navigating the financial landscape of the tech industry can be challenging. Whether you are launching a startup, scaling your operations, or moving to a new office, having the right financial partner is crucial. At NCODE Consultant, we not only specialize in IT consultancy but also possess extensive knowledge in tech financing.

Contact Us via email or call (+65) 6282 6578 today to speak with one of our financing specialists. We’re here to help you secure the funding you need to achieve your business goals. Schedule a free consultation today.

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