ERP System for Sales, Fulfilment, Payment, Inventory and Production Schedule

Redefine operations under a robust ERP System with streamlined solutions, leveraged online sales, integrated information, automated inventory and delivery tracking.

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Company overview

A Crafty Florist

At The Company, crafting the perfect gift is more than a job – it’s a personalized experience. The Company is a reputable florist that has designed a collection that offers something special for every occasion. From Singapore, The Company reaches out as your dedicated florist, weaving emotions into its bouquets and arrangements, blending the freshest roses, lilies, hydrangeas, tulips, sunflowers, and many other exquisite blooms. However, The Company goes above and beyond for their customers – its inspiration. The flowers they pick, the elegance with which they arrange a bouquet, the thoughtful items they pack in their gift baskets and hampers – it’s all tailored to resonate with what’s unique about the client. The Company’s commitment to excellence is matched by its efficiency. Offering same-day flower delivery across Singapore, its dedicated florist team stands ready to make your expressions of love, gratitude, or sympathy tangible. And because The Company knows that sometimes, emotions just can’t wait, it assures same-day delivery for orders placed by 11AM.

Project Overview

The Company embarked on its ambitious and exciting digital transformation journey to design, develop, test, deploy, and train its staff on a new ERP system, heralding a new era of efficiency and connectivity within its operations. This system will encompass the core areas of sales, fulfilment, payment, inventory, and production scheduling, bringing them under a cohesive and streamlined structure. The ERP system will seamlessly integrate with The Company’s existing accounting system and online portal. The synchronization will enable smooth handling of vital information such as accounts payable and receivable, cash flow projections, customer data, order details, and product catalogues.


The Company’s objective is to elevate both sales and profitability through a three-fold approach: (a) Streamlining Operations: By reducing operational costs, The Company creates a leaner, more responsive organization that can thrive in a competitive market. (b) Embracing Digital Transformation: Transitioning customer orders from traditional catalogues to an online platform not only meets the contemporary needs of its clients but also unlocks efficiencies that translate to growth. (c) Enhancing Customer Experience: Implementing a state-of-the-art ERP system ensures a seamless and enriched customer experience, setting the stage for loyalty and long-term success. By enhancing operational efficiency and nurturing customer loyalty, The Company aims to establish a performance trajectory that’s not just about recovery but about flourishing in the long term.

Business Opportunity

Our ERP system is more than a technological update; it’s a strategic asset, aligning your operations with modern demands and future possibilities. It’s about building a platform that enhances productivity, offers greater control, and unlocks new opportunities, positioning you at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry. This is more than an investment in technology; it’s an investment in your future. Our ERP system is designed with an eye on the future. Whether it’s incorporating new technologies such as mobile interfaces or interoperating with other systems, we are ready to assist you for expansion and groundbreaking innovation.


Our state-of-the-art ERP system is not merely an upgrade; it’s a transformation that opens the door to a future brimming with digital opportunities. Here’s how this innovative system promises to redefine your operations: Increased Productivity: Streamlining Operations: By integrating every step, from catalog sales orders to back-office fulfillment and invoice/payment processing, we’re creating an uninterrupted flow that maximizes efficiency. Leveraging Online Sales: By connecting our ERP system to your existing online e-Commerce portal, your online sales portal can harness the power of our ERP system’s back-office automation, making online transactions smoother and faster. Increased Controllability: Integrated and Timely Information: Managers will now have access to real-time data, allowing them to make informed and timely operational decisions. A connected view of the business leads to sharper insights and better control. Automated Inventory and Delivery Tracking: Our ERP system will monitor key items and delivery statuses automatically, providing accurate and up-to-date insights that allow for precise management.

Key features and functionalities

Our innovative ERP system offers a comprehensive suite of modules, each tailored to enhance specific areas of your business operations. Below is an overview of each module, highlighting the primary functions and capabilities:  
  1. Sales Module (SO):
  • Create and search customer master records.
  • Enable staff to create multiple delivery orders (DO) for individual customers.
  • Handle multiple products and services within each DO.
  • Offer item-based and invoice-based discounts, various payment methods, and credit control.
  1. Delivery Order Module:
  • Streamline the sorting and assignment of DOs multiple times daily.
  • Facilitate auto-printing with QR codes or barcodes and customizable greeting cards.
  • Support different languages in greeting cards.
  1. Product Module:
  • Configure product categories and individual products.
  • Define bill of materials and automate production department assignments.
  • Offer production job control and tracking.
  1. Inventory Module:
  • Manage incoming stock and auto-compute stock levels.
  • Control key items to prevent unauthorized usage.
  1. Driver Module:
  • Automate delivery status updates using QR codes and barcodes.
  • Handle tracking, rescheduling, and payment computations for drivers.
  1. Invoice Module:
  • Regularly generate daily and monthly invoices.
  • Automate voucher printing and manage credit notes and special amendments.
  • Auto-generate online login accounts for acceptance.
  1. Payment Module:
  • Process various payment modes, generate statements of accounts, and compute staff commissions.
  • Handle daily control of collection and deposits.
  1. Customer Relationship Module:
  • Employ data mining for customer analysis and identification of VIP customers.
  • Enable staff to record and engage with customer profiles.
  1. Online Portal Integration Module:
  • Synchronize customer, product, and payment data between online sales channels and the ERP System.
  • Automate online sales processing without human intervention.
  1. Accounting Integration Module:
  • Facilitate auto-export to Intuit Interchange Format (IIF) and design SOPs.
  • Generate projections and reports for cash flow and inventory.
  1. Report and Analysis Module:
  • Provide at least 30 downloadable reports for managerial, operational, and financial purposes.
  1. System Module:
  • Enable user setup and access rights management.
  • Implement system-wide configuration and audit logs.
  This modular approach ensures that our ERP system is more than just a tool; it’s a dynamic platform designed to adapt, innovate, and grow with your business needs. By focusing on everything from sales and delivery to customer relationships and online integration, we are creating a system that not only meets the current demands but also anticipates the future, making you a leader in the ever-changing digital landscape of the florist and gift industry.

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