Conduct Management

Revolutionizing the way student behavior is monitored and managed to provide better student support

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Company overview


Our NTRIX Student Management System has served over 50 schools in Singapore since 2005. Today, we serve renowned schools in Singapore like Raffles Institution (RI), Raffles Girls Secondary, Methodist Girls School (Secondary), School of the Arts, St Andrew’s Hall, and more.

Project Overview

We have been entrusted by the school to design and deploy a Conduct Management module, a pivotal addition aimed at revolutionizing the way student behavior is monitored and managed. This comprehensive digital solution seeks to replace and enhance any current systems, aggregating all student conduct records into an organized, user-centric platform. Central to the project’s objectives is the emphasis on consistency, transparency, and data-driven insights. The system will allow for meticulous logging of offenses, categorized detailing, and analytical reporting. In doing so, it not only aims to streamline the administrative aspects of conduct management but also seeks to provide educators and counselors with invaluable tools for intervention and student support. As the module unfolds, it promises to instill greater trust within the school community, underpinning fairness in disciplinary actions and ensuring a more harmonized educational environment.


    The school’s primary objective in implementing the Conduct Management module is to establish a centralized and streamlined approach to monitoring and managing student behavior. By transitioning to this comprehensive digital platform, the institution seeks to ensure consistency and transparency in handling student offenses, fostering an environment of trust and fairness. Beyond mere record-keeping, the solution is envisioned to provide data-driven insights, enabling educators to identify behavioral trends and implement timely interventions. This proactive approach aims to shift the focus from mere punitive actions to preventive and corrective measures. Moreover, the module will serve as a valuable tool for counselors, offering a detailed behavioral history of students and guiding personalized intervention strategies. Ultimately, the school aspires to create a harmonious learning atmosphere, where discipline is maintained through informed decisions, and students are given the right support and guidance to thrive.

    Business Opportunity

    One of the primary hurdles lies in user adoption. Staff, accustomed to perhaps more traditional or less systematic methods of managing student conduct, might face a learning curve or initial resistance to the new system. The digitization of such sensitive data also raises concerns about data security and privacy, ensuring that student records are protected and confidential. The process of data migration, if transitioning from another system, can be tedious and risk-prone. There’s also the critical matter of ensuring the accuracy of data input; any inaccuracies, especially in a module dealing with student conduct, can have significant repercussions for students and the institution’s reputation. Lastly, the school needs to maintain a balance between the technology-driven approach of managing student behavior and the human touch, ensuring that the system doesn’t depersonalize disciplinary actions.

    On the brighter side, the module offers a streamlined and efficient way of tracking, reporting, and analyzing student behavior. This can lead to more consistent and fair conduct management, reducing potential biases or inconsistencies in handling offenses. The system’s comprehensive reporting capabilities allow for a data-driven approach, enabling the school to identify trends, repeat offenders, and potential areas for intervention or counseling. Such insights can be instrumental in formulating preventive strategies or school-wide campaigns to improve student behavior. Moreover, the ability to quickly retrieve and review a student’s history can assist in more personalized counseling sessions, tailoring interventions based on individual patterns. Over time, this can contribute to creating a more disciplined, positive, and conducive learning environment, with the system acting as both a deterrent and a diagnostic tool.


    The Conduct Management module offers the school a transformative approach to overseeing and managing student behavior. At its core, this solution promises enhanced efficiency, eliminating the inconsistencies and ambiguities often associated with traditional conduct management methods. With a systematic, digitalized record, the school can ensure consistent and fair handling of student offenses, fostering trust and transparency within the school community. The module’s robust reporting capabilities enable the institution to adopt a proactive, data-driven stance, identifying behavioral trends and enabling early interventions. This not only aids in formulating targeted preventive strategies but also assists in creating a conducive learning environment, emphasizing discipline and mutual respect. Furthermore, the system’s ability to personalize responses, based on individual student histories, can optimize counseling and intervention efforts, ensuring each student receives the guidance they require. In essence, the Conduct Management module stands as a beacon of structure and clarity, ushering in a new era of informed and effective behavioral management for the school.

    Key features and functionalities

    Conduct Action Input: Users can select specific classes and students using dropdown menus in the system. The tool allows for logging of offenses by date and type, offering an extensive categorization ranging from attendance issues to misuse of electronic devices. Reporting teachers have the ability to add remarks and note down actions taken. There’s also a feature to record suspensions with their respective dates. The system automatically captures the identity of the user inputting the offense. Additionally, users can remove chosen offenses and have the choice to either finalize their entries or cancel them.

    Offense Management: The system provides the capability to introduce new offense types. Users can also edit various details of an offense, including its name, type, and associated demerit points. Furthermore, the platform offers an overview of all offenses and supports filtering and editing functions for streamlined management.

    Student Conduct Overview: The system offers filters allowing users to view records based on criteria such as year, class, date periods, and types of conducts. Each record provides a detailed overview of offenses, highlighting demerit points, relevant dates, and actions undertaken. Additionally, there are options available for editing or deleting specific student records as needed.

    Student Record Search: The system enables search functionality where users can look up a student using their name or NRIC. It offers filtering options that can be narrowed down based on merits or infringements. Additionally, users can access a comprehensive view of an individual student’s conduct record and have the capability to make edits as required.

    Identify Repeat Offenders: The system provides filters that allow users to identify students based on particular criteria, including the number of offenses, whether the issues have been resolved, and the time period in question. Moreover, it presents a detailed display highlighting students who recurrently breach conduct rules.

    Conduct Summary: The system offers options to view summaries tailored to specific time periods. It provides breakdowns at various levels, including class-wise and for individual students. Users can gain insightful overviews of offenses across different categories, and the platform allows for in-depth explorations into particular classes or student profiles. Furthermore, for comprehensive documentation, there’s an export feature that facilitates the generation of detailed reports in both PDF and spreadsheet formats.

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