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Transforming the communication between educators and parents that enhances student outcomes and parent-teacher collaborations

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Company overview


Our NTRIX Student Management System has served over 50 schools in Singapore since 2005. Today, we serve renowned schools in Singapore like Raffles Institution (RI), Raffles Girls Secondary, Methodist Girls School (Secondary), School of the Arts, St Andrew’s Hall, and more.

Project Overview

Our mission is to implement a state-of-the-art Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) system tailored for the school’s needs. This digital solution will transition the traditionally manual process of scheduling and coordinating PTMs into an efficient, user-friendly platform. The system will feature individual accounts for teachers and parents, enabling easy scheduling, rescheduling, and communication. With a clear dashboard, users will have a holistic view of their appointments. A crucial element will be the security framework, ensuring all personal data and communications are safeguarded. We’ll also prioritize mobile accessibility, guaranteeing that parents and teachers can connect, even on-the-go. Throughout the project’s lifecycle, we’ll engage stakeholders, ensuring their feedback is central to the development process. Our goal is not just to digitize the PTM process, but to enhance the overall experience for parents, teachers, and ultimately, the students.


    The school’s primary objective in implementing the PTM system is to modernize and streamline the process of scheduling and managing parent-teacher meetings, thereby reducing administrative burdens. By embracing this digital transformation, the school aims to foster enhanced, consistent communication between educators and parents, ensuring that they can collaboratively address students’ needs in a timely manner. Ultimately, the objective is to use technology to create a more connected, transparent, and efficient environment that enhances student outcomes and parent-teacher collaborations.

    Business Opportunity

    One of the primary challenges is ensuring the adaptability and acceptance of the technology among teachers and parents, some of whom may be less tech-savvy. Training sessions might be required to familiarize users with the system. Additionally, data security and privacy are of paramount importance; the school needs to ensure that the system adheres to data protection regulations and safeguards user information. There’s also the potential financial and time cost associated with implementing, maintaining, and updating the system. Moreover, technical glitches and system downtimes can disrupt the scheduling process, leading to dissatisfaction. Schools also need to ensure there’s adequate support available to address queries and technical issues.

    On the brighter side, once effectively implemented, the system can streamline the PTM scheduling process, reducing administrative burdens and ensuring optimal time utilization. It paves the way for better communication between parents and teachers, fostering a collaborative environment for student development. Lastly, the analytics from the system can offer the school a macro view of participation trends, helping them strategize better for future engagements and improve overall parent involvement in the educational process.


    The introduction of a Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) system provides a multitude of benefits for the school. Primarily, it streamlines the administrative process of scheduling and managing appointments, significantly reducing the time and resources traditionally required. The analytics provided by the system further equip the school with insights on parent engagement, participation trends, and peak engagement times. This data-driven approach can aid in future planning, ensuring optimal participation and engagement in subsequent PTMs. Overall, the system positions the school as forward-thinking, embracing technological solutions for the betterment of the educational community.

    Key features and functionalities

    User Accounts:

    • Teacher Accounts: Teachers should be able to create profiles, update their available time slots, view upcoming meetings, and see details of the parent booking the meeting.
    • Parent Accounts: Parents should be able to create profiles, view teacher availability, book appointments, view their upcoming meetings, and reschedule or cancel meetings.

    Scheduling & Calendar Integration:

    • Availability Settings: Teachers should be able to set their available time slots for PTM.
    • Auto-Booking: Upon a parent’s request, the system should automatically book the available slot.
    • Notifications: Both teachers and parents should receive notifications (e.g., email, SMS) about upcoming meetings, changes, or cancellations.


    • For Teachers: To view all booked appointments, available slots, and any notes or documents shared by parents.
    • For Parents: To view their booked appointments, search for teacher availability, and see history of past meetings.

    Administrative Panel:

    • Monitoring: School administrators can monitor the number of meetings, identify which teachers are most booked, and gather data on parent participation.
    • Announcements: Admins should have the capability to send out announcements or notifications related to the PTM to all users.
    • Analytics: A section for the school to view statistics about participation, peak times, most active teachers, etc.

    Mobile App Integration:

    • A mobile application can be developed to facilitate on-the-go booking, reminders, and communication for both teachers and parents.

    Security & Privacy:

    • Secure login methods and encryption to ensure the privacy of communication and shared documents.
    • Compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

    Integration with School Management System (if one exists): 

    • The PTM system should ideally be integrated with the school’s existing management software for streamlined operations.

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