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Company overview


Our NTRIX Student Management System has served over 50 schools in Singapore since 2005. Today, we serve renowned schools in Singapore like Raffles Institution (RI), Raffles Girls Secondary, Methodist Girls School (Secondary), School of the Arts, St Andrew’s Hall, and more.

Project Overview

Our team has been entrusted with the responsibility of creating a Results Management Module for the school, a pivotal tool designed to revolutionize the way academic performance data is managed, accessed, and communicated. The core objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive system that offers real-time result publishing, ensuring timely and transparent communication with students and parents. This will be integrated seamlessly with the School Cockpit, maintaining a cohesive digital ecosystem for the institution. The module will feature a user-centric dashboard, making result navigation and analysis straightforward and intuitive for educators.

To prioritize data security, our solution will incorporate robust multi-layered protection measures, ensuring that sensitive student information remains confidential at all times. We also offer to customize report cards, allowing the school to tailor outputs in alignment with their specific curriculum, branding, and grading standards. Additionally, the module is set to be multi-device compatible, ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of the platform accessed. Automated notifications, advanced result analysis tools, and integration capabilities will further enhance the system’s utility.

Throughout this project, our emphasis will be on creating a tool that not only simplifies administrative processes but also fosters enhanced communication and engagement among the school community. We are committed to delivering a solution that stands as a benchmark in academic result management.


    The school’s primary objective in implementing the Results Management Module is to streamline and enhance the administration and communication of student academic performance. Recognizing the importance of real-time information, the school aims to provide immediate access to updated scores, fostering transparency and enabling prompt interventions when necessary. By introducing a user-centric dashboard, the institution hopes to offer a simplified and intuitive interface for educators, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks and allowing a greater focus on teaching and student support. Data security is paramount; thus, the module will incorporate stringent protection measures, ensuring that student details remain confidential and safeguarded from potential breaches. The customizable nature of report cards will allow the school to maintain its unique academic and branding standards, while multi-device compatibility ensures that stakeholders can access results anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the school seeks to achieve a more unified digital ecosystem by integrating this module with other educational platforms. In essence, the school’s objective is to leverage technology to improve efficiency, enhance communication, and foster a more engaged educational community.

    Business Opportunity

    Implementing the Results Management Module presents both challenges and opportunities for the school. One of the primary challenges lies in the integration complexity. Seamlessly combining this module with the School Cockpit and other pre-existing systems might prove technically demanding. Additionally, the school will have to invest time and resources into comprehensive training sessions, especially for staff who are not as familiar with digital platforms. The promise of real-time updates, while beneficial, also brings with it the pressing need to ensure data accuracy and consistency. Any slip in data entry can instantly mislead or cause confusion among parents and students. Furthermore, the school will need to maintain a vigilant stance on security. Given the sensitive nature of academic data, the system’s security features must be impervious to breaches or unauthorized access.

    On the flip side, this module offers significant opportunities. It paves the way for enhanced communication between the school, students, and parents, fostering a more engaged and informed educational community. Furthermore, the in-depth analytical tools provided by the module will empower teachers and administrators to identify patterns, make informed decisions, and craft strategies for academic improvement, thus elevating the school’s overall educational approach.


    The Results Management Module stands to offer a multitude of benefits to the school. At its core, it promises streamlined operations, turning what were once cumbersome administrative tasks into efficient processes. The real-time publishing of results ensures transparency and timely communication, allowing both parents and students to stay informed and engaged with academic performance. This immediacy can lead to quicker interventions and support where needed. The module’s user-friendly dashboard simplifies navigation, ensuring that educators can focus more on pedagogy and less on data management. Its multi-device compatibility ensures accessibility, catering to diverse user preferences, be it desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, the customizable report cards provide the school the flexibility to align outputs with its curriculum, grading systems, and branding, maintaining the school’s unique identity. Furthermore, the system’s integration capabilities mean that the school can achieve a more unified digital ecosystem, leading to smoother operations and reduced redundancy. All in all, this module is poised to elevate the school’s administrative efficiency, improve stakeholder communication, and enhance the overall educational experience.

    Key features and functionalities

    Real-time Results Publishing: Schools can instantaneously upload and update students’ scores, ensuring parents have the most current information at their fingertips. This includes integration to School Cockpit.

    User-friendly Dashboard: Designed with simplicity and user experience in mind. Parents, teachers, and administrators can easily navigate, view, and analyze results.

    Secure Access: Multiple layers of security ensure that student information is kept confidential. Parents have unique login credentials to view their children’s data.

    Notifications & Alerts: Automated notifications keep parents informed about new results or any significant changes in their child’s academic performance.

    Multi-device Compatibility: Whether accessed via a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, the platform offers a consistent and efficient experience.

    Customizable Report Cards: Schools have the freedom to customize report cards based on their curriculum, grading systems, and branding.

    Marks and Remarks Entry: Teachers are provided with a comprehensive Marks and Remarks Entry feature that facilitates a seamless process for academic data entry and feedback. The Subject Teacher Marks Entry feature empowers educators to select specific academic terms and subjects, allowing them to enter, modify, and manage marks. This system offers capabilities for data export/import via CSV, along with a feature to view statistical breakdowns of results and delve into individual student profiles for a detailed analysis. Furthermore, the module supports personalized feedback with the Subject Teacher Remarks Entry, where teachers can input specific remarks based on set criteria and monitor character count. Additionally, Form Teacher Remarks Entry has been incorporated, enabling form teachers to not only comment on academic performance but also evaluate a student’s conduct, ensuring a holistic approach to feedback. The entire system also integrates CSV export/import functionalities for efficient data handling.

    Results Analysis: The Results Analysis feature offers a multifaceted approach to analyzing student academic performance. It facilitates the viewing of comprehensive academic profiles through the ‘Student Results’ feature, while ‘Subject Analysis’ provides an in-depth look into performance metrics across various subjects and terms, complete with chart visualizations and export options. The module emphasizes individual and collective student performance via the ‘Class Analysis by Student’ and ‘Class Analysis by Subject’ features. For targeted interventions, the system identifies students underperforming in the ‘Analysis of Fail Subjects.’ The platform also celebrates achievements by spotlighting those who excel in ‘Subject Passed & Distinctions’ and recognizing top-performing students in ‘Subject Toppers.’ The ‘Students Analysis’ offers a granular view of student metrics, from averages to distinctions. Furthermore, a dedicated analysis section for O-Level results provides insights into key performance indicators like L1B5, L1R5, and L1R4, facilitating comparisons. Additionally, the ‘Level Performance Analysis Report’ crafts detailed PDF performance reports for each student. Lastly, ‘Comparative Analyses’ supplies pivotal data, juxtaposing distinctions and pass rates in O-Level outcomes.

    Results Configuration: The Results Configuration Feature introduces a suite of features tailored to enhance academic administration. Schools can create and manage assessments tailored to each educational tier through ‘Create Assessments By Levelwise.’ A comprehensive toolset allows for the updating of student attendance, conduct evaluations, cumulative pass/fail outcomes, and term-end promotion decisions, with integration possibilities with the School Cockpit for attendance metrics and personal attributes. Configurational tools are available, including setting footers in progress reports, categorizing subjects specifically for the IP and O-Level tracks, and determining the sequence of subjects in reports. Schools can oversee the assessment completion status through ‘MarkEntry Analysis’ and have flexibility over editing past results based on set date ranges. With ‘Assessment Publishing’, institutions dictate when assessment scores and instructor comments become visible to students and their guardians. Moreover, the module supports personalized education by allowing schools to allocate specific subjects to individual students.

    Progress Report Configuration: The Progress Report Feature provides schools with advanced customization capabilities for progress reports. By selecting criteria such as academic year, class, term, and print date, educators can tailor reports to specific needs. Moreover, the system offers a myriad of inclusion/exclusion options through checkboxes, letting users decide on components like subject grades, teacher remarks, attendance statistics, multiple signature fields, and particular metrics such as L1R5. For added versatility, the module allows users to preview and seamlessly export both individual student progress reports and comprehensive class summaries.

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