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Discover the ultimate convenience with our smart locker solutions. Secure, efficient, and seamlessly integrated, our innovative technology revolutionizes package delivery, storage, and retrieval. Say goodbye to missed tracking and hello to hassle-free management. Explore our smart locker solutions today in Singapore.

Introduction to Smart Lockers

In the modern business environment, exchanging official packages and documents must be done in a manner that is both accountable and secure. Simply handing off items or leaving them on someone’s unoccupied desk does not fulfill the need for responsible custody transitions, confidentiality protection, or smooth workflow alignment. 

Smart locker systems introduce an innovative way to responsibly and securely convey packages and documents between parties within your business. Whether receiving packages from vendors, distributing equipment to employees, or transferring control of confidential materials, smart lockers create transparent and accountable records of possession at every stage of the transfer.

Understanding Smart Lockers

What is a smart locker system? Smart lockers are locked and electronically controlled lockers that open when specific approved persons request their package. When integrated with the company’s identity and security system, lockers will only open when approved employees arrive to receive a package they have been scheduled to pick up.

Smart lockers typically have compartments of different sizes. Anything can be placed inside and a record created, requesting that an employee come to receive their package or documents. Only that specific locker will open when the employee scans their card or enters the predetermined code.

Smart lockers can also create security records regarding the item, the person depositing the item, the person picking up the item, and the times at which each stage of the transfer occurs.

The Benefits of an Intelligent Locker

An intelligent locker system provides a wide range of benefits for companies that choose to install and implement this adaptive solution.

    Enhanced Security of Document and Package Exchanges

    With smart lockers, secure packages, equipment, and documents can be exchanged with utmost security. They transition from initial control into a secure locker, and then directly into the trusted control of the intended recipient, all with complete records tracking the secure exchange.

    Flexible and Adaptable Workplace

    The addition of a smart locker allows your team to work asynchronously. Two people who need to exchange an important package do not need to be available at the same time. They can have different shifts, schedules, or days on the job and a secure exchange is still easy to do.

    Full Documentation of Exchanges

    Chain-of-custody and package tracking are both more secure with smart lockers. Each stage of an exchange is clearly documented with no risk of packages being lost, misplaced, or intercepted in the process.

    No-Contact Deliveries

    In a post-covid business world, the importance of minimizing physical contact has not been forgotten. Smart lockers allow for routine exchanges of packages and documents without the need for employees to meet in person.

    NCODE Consultant’s Smart Locker System in Singapore

    NCODE has been proudly implementing smart locker systems for Singapore businesses.

    The Client’s Challenge

    One important client faced the challenge of aligning a package management system seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure and workflow. While introducing smart lockers, they deftly handled change management, introducing lockers in optimal and secure locations. The upfront investment in purchasing, installing, and maintaining the system began to quickly pay itself back in streamlined workflows and increased exchange security for important packages, equipment, and physical documents.

    As a leading player in high-precision manufacturing, we understood the intricate demands of the manufacturing / F&B industry. With over 500 skilled professionals dedicated to innovation and quality, the company serves renowned brands in technology and automotive sectors. Its dynamic environment requires constant adaptation, especially in managing complex supply chain and ensuring secure exchanges. To meet these challenges, NCODE Consultant was excited to introduce the iSmart Locker System. This innovative solution aligns perfectly with the client’s goals of enhancing operational efficiency, securing data, and supporting flexible workplace practices. With 24/7 accessibility, traceable transactions, and a user-friendly interface, the iSmart Locker System streamlines internal logistics, safeguard sensitive information, and accommodate the diverse needs of its workforce.

    Here’s a breakdown of the benefits and features of the iSmart Locker System:


    • Convenience:
      24/7 Access for Deposits and Collections: Employees can conveniently deposit and collect packages at any time, ensuring a flexible workflow across different teams and departments.
      Notifications for Recipients: Instant notifications upon deposit enable recipients to collect their packages promptly, enhancing efficiency.
    • Security:
      Secure and Traceable Transactions: Confidential documents or packages are exchanged securely and traceably between teams and departments, ensuring protection and accountability.
    • Social Distancing:
      Minimizing Direct Contact: The system minimizes the need for direct interaction between employees, supporting social distancing efforts during document and package exchanges.
    • User Experience:
      Easy and Simple Operation: No user training is required, ensuring accessibility for everyone.
      Hassle-Free Parcel Collection: Users can collect parcels using a One-Time Password (OTP) received via email, simplifying the collection process.
    • User Cases
      The system caters to various purposes, including IT equipment issuance, equipment loans, secure document handover, equipment repairs, interdepartmental delivery, and vendor transactions.
    • Components include the controller PC utilizing an HP T640 Thin Client and electrical locks with OEM components ensuring reliability and security.

    NCODE’s Smart Locker Solutions

    The smart locker solution introduced by NCODE was designed to answer all our client’s challenges and concerns. The lockers can be accessible 24/7, accomodating a full schedule of different shifts and work routines. The lockers ensure secure and traceable transactions, while providing an improved user experience for package exchange.

    Smart lockers adapt easily to a company’s workflow, creating a versatile and dynamic exchange process with hardware components that are ready to use in your existing IT system. Call (+65) 6282 6578, fill in the contact form, or chat with us on WhatsApp (+65) 9735 0193 today. Allow us to guide you toward a secure, scalable and cost-effective cloud environment with our offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and India.

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    In the rapidly evolving landscape of business and technology, organizations are continually reassessing their business models and operating models to stay ahead. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation efforts, propelling businesses to reshape their supply chains, business processes, and operating models. Data analytics and machine learning play pivotal roles in this journey, unlocking valuable insights and driving transformational change. Successful digital transformations are no longer just about adopting digital technology; they encompass holistic strategies that touch every aspect of how businesses operate. From improving customer experience to enabling remote work, businesses are leveraging digital transformation initiatives to align with evolving customer expectations.

    We know what it takes helping 300+ clients navigate their digital transformation journeys enhancing products and services. Learn more about how NCODE Consultant can help craft your digital transformation strategy. Speak to a software development expert to see how your business can achieve higher ROI with NCODE Consultant. You can also call us at (+65) 6282 6578 or get in touch with our dedicated team on Whatsapp.

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