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Discover essential quality assurance (QA) best practices for software development, ensuring robust, bug-free applications. Learn how to implement optimal software quality with NCODE Consultant.

What is Quality Assurance in Software Development?

Producing a quality product is part of our responsibility as a software development company. Our customers expect software that functions, does not crash, and contains no data holes. Quality assurance is part of this process and helps protect our customers and our reputation from bugs and other problems.

An Overview of Software Quality Assurance

First of all, while they overlap, quality assurance and quality control are not the same thing. Quality control is sometimes considered to be a subset, but the essential difference is this. Quality assurance is what you do before production to ensure a high-quality product, while quality control is what you do during production.

Quality assurance dictates how quality control is done. In software, quality assurance works parallel to development. The goal is to spot problems before anything goes live, keep them from becoming major issues, and ensure compliance with standards as needed.

Typically the approach used is quality management, which integrates quality assurance and quality control to create best practices and guidelines to assure quality. Testing during development is quality assurance, whilst testing of a live product and updates falls under quality control.

Software Quality Activities

Software quality assurance consists of the following activities:

  1. Plan: This includes studying relevant standards, looking at past products for problems, and doing one’s best to predict likely issues.
  2. Checkpoint: In the plan, you set checkpoints, which are points at which testing for quality is done. The project is evaluated at each checkpoint, on the basis of collected data.
  3. Measure: During quality assurance, you measure the impact of every change on the project. This helps spot when correcting an error introduces more errors.
  4. Multi-test: Multi-testing means testing the product from all angles and essentially trying your best to break it.

The plan may be revised as a result of other activities.

    Quality Assurance Inspection Testing Activities

    A vital part of QA is inspection and testing by people other than the development team. The development team is too close to the project and may miss things. This often takes the following forms:

    1. Audits are performed by people within your organization, but who are not working on the project. They compare the work to the guidelines to spot deviations.
    2. Inspections are performed by other software developers. If you have two teams, they can each inspect and cross-check the other’s work. This allows more bugs to be spotted, and is akin to peer review.
    3. Process control. This refers to measures taken to ensure the process and plan are followed.
    4. Functional testing. Functional testing is pretending to be an end user and doing tests that mimic the software’s function. This can catch bugs that show up only when people do “strange” things, which end users are prone to doing.

    Again, the goal is to spot as many problems as humanly possible before you send the software live.

    Quality Assurance Best Practices

    Here are some best practices we encourage our clients to follow.


    1. Have a clear process. You can’t control your process if you are unsure what it is. Document everything and make sure it is readable (ideally have somebody outside the team read your documents to make sure they are clear).
    2. Train and enhance skills. Keep your team learning and improving and offer training opportunities when you can.
    3. Automate. Use automated tools to implement the tedious things. Simulated testing can save significant time, especially at the functional testing stage.
    4. Continuously monitor and improve. Always keep an eye on your processes and how they can be made better, and learn how to use new tools that can help streamline the process.

    Software Development Quality Assurance in the Retail Industry

    At NCODE Consultant, we offer quality assurance services for every project, in particular procurement and E-Commerce. Here are some examples of what we do.


    • Corporate procurement portal: We built a system that included corporate E-Commerce, real-time communication with ERP, and order delivery tracking, which positioned our client as an industry pioneer in the corporate retail sector. By using quality assurance best practices, we provided our client with seven modules that gave them an efficient experience. The solution comprises three Sub-Systems. The first is the Corporate E-Commerce System, offering customization and features, which are not commonly available in B2C E-Commerce portals. The Middleware System unleashes synergy between the new cloud-based Corporate E-Commerce System and the Company’s existing on-premise ERP system. Lastly, the Order Delivery Tracking System enables remote staff with a mobile app for daily operations including delivery orders, signatures, photo management on the app, and product tagging with QR or barcodes. The client was able to overcome key challenges in CCS operations under these three innovative sub-systems.
    • B2B E-Commerce system: In this case, we provided our client, a construction hardware supplier, a B2B E-Commerce portal that helped them list prices in real time, manage credit lines, and streamline operations. Our system has transformed the entire operational cycle of the Company, from Request-For-Quotations (RFQ) and Online Sales Orders (OSO) to back-office processing. 
      The newly introduced RFQ module enables online payments where Cash on Delivery is no longer necessary. The solution is also equipped with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features that help manage customer relationships, track leads, and enhance customer service. The cloud-based system with mobile access has created a seamless and efficient workflow, ensuring ensures timely updates for products, inventories, and sales orders.

    Implement Optimal Software Quality with NCODE Consultant

    If you are looking for custom business software from a partner you can trust to manage quality, look no further than NCODE Consultant. Entrust your software solution to our team with three decades of expertise at reduced expenses. With a proven track record in executing successful B2B e-commerce projects for retail clients, you can count on us reliably to assess your requirements. Contact us to discuss your project today to see what software solutions fit you. We are your trusted IT consultant and software partner with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and India. You can also call us at (+65) 6282 6578 or chat with us on Whatsapp (+65) 9735 0193.

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